About Us

Our Mission

We cultivate a technology ecosystem that trains, donates, repairs, and recycles IT to close the digital divide and inspire the next generation of technologists and community-driven entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

Tech for all, that empowers all and powers all.

Our Values

Everything we do, we do with community at the center. We do not believe in limitations. We value the happiness, joy, and prosperity of our team and our community.

When I was still a kid, someone gave me a computer. From that simple gift, I developed the skill of IT repair, learned how to leverage my skills in my career, and became an entrepreneur. NERDiT Now exists to make tech affordable, accessible, and inspirational. When your phone screen is cracked, we want to be here for you. When you want to learn what it takes to build an IT career, we want to teach you. When you want to recycle responsibly with a local option and global impact, we’ve got you. When you decide its time to be a business owner, we’ll work with you.


Founder, NERDiT Now

Meet all of the people who combined make this vision complete!

Meet Our Team


Markevis Gideon

Founder & Managing Director

Jamine Morton-Thompson

Director of Operations

Steve Silvius

Marketing & Operations

Brennan Beattie

Lead NERDnician

Alexa Baptiste

Director Assistant
Your Impact Matters

Why choose us

Reliable Service

We are committed to high quality service. We know that broken tech is more than an inconvenience. It’s jobs. It’s education. It’s healthcare. It’s family. We treat your device like our own.


Many communities have less access to IT. We work to fix that. We donate to families that need laptops for work or an iPad to use at school. And we partner with everyone from banks to local churches to close the tech divide.


Tech waste is a global problem. Through our partnership with sister company NERDiT Recycles, we can assure that your old computers, phones, and electronics will be responsibly recycled and have a second life helping others.

Repair Options

NERDiT Now has developed an innovative suite of repair options. You may see our Motherboard at a local street fair or a Kiosk at the community center. We want to make it convenient and affordable for everyone to get their repair.