NERDiT NOW and the reality of business inequity in Delaware

NERDiT NOW, the Wilmington computer repair biz with a storefront in Newport’s First State Shopping Center, has been getting a lot of well-deserved attention lately. In October, its founders appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank — and while they didn’t land a deal with a celebrity investor, the appearance alone boosted the five-year-old company’s profile in Delaware.

Wilmington entrepreneur makes ‘Shark Tank’ pitch for the ‘Redbox of technology’

When Wilmington native Markevis Gideon learned his business would be featured on ABC's "Shark Tank," all he had was an idea. While his IT repair company, NERDiT NOW, has been open for business in Delaware for four years, the concept he and his partners tossed to the sharks was entirely new. The idea? People drop off their broken or damaged cellphones and laptops at a kiosk, similar to an Amazon Locker or a Redbox, near their workplace. Then a mobile team repairs the device in four to six hours to have it available to pick up the same day.

NERDiT NOW named 2020 Reinventing Delaware winner

WILMINGTON – NERDiT NOW, the Stanton-based startup that repairs computers in innovative ways while addressing Delaware’s technology access challenges through a nonprofit foundation, has been named the 2020 Reinventing Delaware award winner by the Pete du Pont Freedom Foundation.